Wassa High Pressure Shower Head Review

In most instances, we all want to have a great shower. So you probably would want to have one of the best showers fixed in your bathroom. If you want to enjoy a great shower, you have to put in mind that you are securing water at the same time.

I would probably recommend this product as it saves a lot of water and due to its unique features. If you want to save water, energy, and money at the same time, then check this product out. Check out the wassa high pressure shower head review to find if it is suitable for you.

This product offers a 3-inch compact, superior, and powerful rain spray of water even at a low water flow. If you are looking for a high-pressure shower of this kind, then this is the best high-pressure shower head to consider. It is one of the best shower heads that are ideal for you.

Besides, this product has a valve that helps maintain high pressure, which effectively increases the force of low pressure in water. Of course, you wouldn't want to spend much time and energy struggling with less water in your shower.

It is even annoying to waste much time trying to get water to rinse off soap while bathing. Choose ideal shower heads for your bathroom to avoid such situations.

Easy installation

No one wants to purchase a product that will give you a headache while installing. We all want easy, convenient products to deal with. With this unique shower head, you can take a few minutes to install it. The manufacturer has designed this shower head in a way that you easily install it on your shower arm.

You don't need a plumber to do this as you can do it yourself. Mostly this shower head is considered a tool-free. This means that you don't need tools to install the shower. The product has a Teflon tape and a connecting thread, which enhances the easy fixing.

Durable brass ball connection

The product features a brass ball connection that prevents leaking and cracking. It is manufactured with a durable material that withstands long years of use. Additionally, the shower head has a swivel point that allows you to turn the shower in any position for maximum comfort when taking a bath.

The swivel ball joint is also made from brass that is easy to turn. The material also makes the shower head light-weight and durable. This gives the best deal for a pivoting shower head that you should consider when purchasing a shower head.

Has a 3-inch chrome finish

This feature gives you an excellent shower experience. This is because the shower head has a 3-inch chrome finish surface with 45 silicon jets attached that offer a great water pressure. It also enables water to flow adequately for a pleasant shower experience.

You probably want to get that soothing bath after a long day, and no one wants to go through the struggles of having to wait for the water to flow. With this, you can face any direction in your bathroom. You can also adjust the shower to face the direction of your preference.

Has a full body chrome finish

Our bathrooms should also look beautiful. This shower head has a full body chrome finish that makes the bathroom look gorgeous. Its shiny look and the streamlined shape it is designed from makes the bathroom look extremely awesome.

Give yourself the satisfaction of having a bathroom that will catch the eye of many. Always ensure that you get this shower head to keep your bathroom having that perfect look.


  • Made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting
  • Very easy to install on your shower arm thus no struggles experienced
  • Offers high-pressure water flow
  • Provides a great awesome bathing experience


  • The water pressure might get too hard at times
  • Sometime the ball joint might get loose with time

Product benefits

Easy to clean nozzles: Imagine going through the hustles of trying to clean your shower head? Well, try to consider the wassa high-pressure shower head, which has easy to clean nozzles.

This saves time and energy. This feature can also create time for you do complete cleaning other home stuff. More to it, the product silicon jets can prevent lime water and hard water deposits on the shower head.

Quality product: This product has featured on higher rates as it is loved by many. It is a confident and quality product starting from the materials used to manufacture the shower head up to the warranty offered. These shower heads come in different varieties, such as the handheld shower head.

Wassa manufactures offer warranty for their products. If you encounter any problems with the shower head after purchase, feel free to contact them as they will replace it in a lifetime duration.

Product installation and settings

Installing this kind of a shower head does not require a lot of energy. It also does not require you to have skills or be a specialist in this kind of work. All you need is to have some knowledge on how to fix it to the shower arm, and you will be great to go.

However, this might look like an easy step, but ensure that you have the shower fixed in the correct position. If you are having problems installing and setting your shower, here are some of the steps you should consider.

First, you need to start by cleaning the threads of the shower arm. This helps to get rid of the dirt around the area. I t also opens the passage of the water, thus creates room for smooth running of the water.

Secondly, apply 4 to 5 rounds of Teflon tape around the shower arm.This increases the firmness of shower head on the shower arm. It gets fixed firmly, and no need to worry about it falling off.

Then, mount the shower head on the shower arm. After this, try adjusting the shower head in a different direction to experience its uniqueness. Finally, you start enjoying great showers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes Wassa shower heads?

A: The WASSA Company manufactures Wassa shower heads. This company has the best shower heads to check them out. This manufacturer deals with quality and affordability. The shower heads are of durable material and offer a long service to their customers.

Q: What shower head gives the most pressure?

A: If you are looking for a high-pressure shower head, then try out the Wassa high-pressure shower head. It has a 3 inch anti-leaked fixed chrome shower head, and an adjustable metal swivel ball joint that's gives the best high shower with high-pressure water flow.

Q: What is the most powerful shower?

A: One of the most powerful shower, consider a shower that has great features. Lookup for something long-lasting and durable. Of course, you don't want to spend time changing shower heads from time to time. I would recommend you check out this Wassa high-pressure shower.

Final Words

As technology enhances, let's move with technology. Don't get frustrated with low-pressure water shower anymore. Check out these modern super exciting shower heads like the Wassa model and allow yourself to experience great shower with ease. Always remember to have a great understanding of the shower heads before purchasing. Let's enjoy bathing in an easy, affordable way.

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