How To Use A Leather Repair Kit

Is it not wonderful to have your damaged leather item back? This is what a leather repair kit does. It will make easy professional repairs for a damaged leather item regardless of your technical ability.

There are various types of leather repair kits. Maybe you have happened to read a review that leather repair kits don't work. So the biggest question is, do they actually work? Yes, they do. All you need to do is to follow the excellent instructions of the manufacturer.

At the end of the day, you will have your damaged item fixed. Generally, most of the leather repair kits are durable, and the bonds are reliable. I made this guide to show you how to use a leather repair kit.

A leather repair kit contains 10 to 20 accessories made up of tools and materials for repair, but generally, it includes;

  • Glue pens and glue guns
  • Sandpaper
  • Sponges
  • Grain paper for preparation
  • Liquid glue
  • Sponges
  • Adhesive
  • Mixing tools
  • Swabs for application
  • Fabrics

Using A Leather Repair Kit

Using a leather repair kit is not a complicated task. The kit comes with all the essential items that you need to do the repairs. The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the area that you want to repair. You can use alcohol to remove the dirt stuck on the area. Then, trim some loose ends to ease repair.

After preparing the area, the next thing that you should do is to apply a backing patch at the backside of the leather. Apply vinyl adhesive so that you cat attach the patch permanently. Wait for the adhesive to dry and then mix filler compounds to get the color of the leather that you want to repair.

Once you have matched the color, take a grain paper that looks like the leather you are repairing. Using some thin layers, apply color matched filler and then put the paper on the wet filler. Get a heat tool and use it to transfer the filler.

For those who are using air-dry leather repair kits, you need to clean the area that you want to repair and then apply the binder. Wait for the binder to dry the whole night.

How To Choose A Leather Repair Kit

Consider quality-when choosing a repair kit, don't just rush for the cheaply priced kit you can get around. Most of the time, you will find that lower-priced kit is always not the best quality.

The liquid glue and the alcohol sponges tend to wear out very fast. Also, the leather peels away within a small duration of time. In this sight, get yourself a leather repair kit that can support longevity and permanence.

Don't ignore online reviews-Strange as it may sound, and sometimes online feedbacks may be purposeful. The patterns of complaints of a certain repair kit may be enough to decide whether to choose a certain brand or not.

However, you should not always rely on online reviews as some of them may give misleading information. Just keep track of the compliments and complains then if necessary, you can visit the market before concluding.

Cost-Though we spoke about quality, and you need to stability cost and value. Even though cost goes hand in hand with quality, there is no need of purchasing a high priced kit. There is a relatively cheaper kit that can work exactly the same.

Accessories- Sometimes, the number of accessories may vary from one repair kit to another. Some kit may have glue pens and gun pens but lack backing fabrics. You need a kit that has all the accessories you need to make your repairs more swift.

Kits that are flexible-How well does your kit suits different types of leather? You need a kit with material that is flexible and can serve different roles.

The pliability of the leather is important as the quality itself. This means that you should give yourself a kit that can adopt different roles in different types of leather without being obsolete.

Quality of colors-You may sometimes find that the colors of the kit do not match with the material you want to repair. Different leather repair kits have accessories of different colors. Get yourself a kit with colors that match or can create correspondence for the material you want to repair.

Consider lasting glues-Some glues dry very fast decreasing the perfect time needed to repair. Choose kits with glues that give you time to think about the whole process.

At least glues that allow a few minutes to dry are perfect. Considering that you will have time to work methodically and rectify anything that you're not comfortable about.


To conclude, a leather repair kit is not 100% accurate, meaning it will not restore your leather back to how it looked before. These kits will help you polish out scratches hiding them with dyes. Make sure you follow the manufacturers to get the required results.

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