How to Restore Leather Purse

A leather purse is always durable and lasts for a very long time or even lifetime if handled with care. However, sometimes a rip, tear or fading can happen accidentally. For instance, your purse may get caught on a sharp edge object.

Therefore, we can easily deduce that no matter how durable the leather maybe but cannot be impervious to all things. Though, this should worry you, as we can always restore any damage on our own without considering the strength of it. In this article am going to describe step by step on how to do it and get it right.

First, let us take a look on how to restore a leather purse using the following steps:

Anyone wishing to restore their leather purse should first measure the ripped area and then cut same inches of thread which we will thread our needle. The next step will be positioning the ripped area making sure they align the ripped areas of the leather purse to each other on both sides like there was no rip.

As it is the case, we may know that if it were a purse made of cotton or any other fabric, then we would have grabbed both sides and pucker them slightly. However, such a case does not apply with leather as we may weaken it.

Now it is right time we start sewing it from left to right a simple overstitch, making sure that both sides of the leather are in touch. This should be done with a lot of caution as leather even the small stitch might cause a pulling effect on it which may result to even ripping it more. Thus it is better to make long enough stitches to be able to bring the ripped pieces together without tugging on it.

Tie up your thread when you have sewed up the ripped leather then if there is any extra leather left after tying up the thread even though we have restored the ripped part of leather. It is recommendable to add some few drops of glue. This should be used only to the stitched area on the exterior side of the leather purse. To wind up our repairing, we will then spread the glue drops over all the stitches.

How to Restore A Color-fading Leather Purse

Tools Needed:

  • Gloves
  • White clean cotton rags
  • High-quality leather polish

Steps to Follow:

  • Preparation.Choice of the polish to the desired color.
  • Application of the polish to the faded area.
  • Evaluating the color.

a) Preparation

Use gloves and a clean white cotton rag when polishing your leather purse.

b) Choice of polish to the desired color

Here you should begin with the high-quality leather polish. Make sure the polish match to the desired color. You can always get a color match of your leather purse at some leather companies or achieve the desired color by mixing different colors.

To get it right, you need to take enough time and always test the polish in an inconspicuous area to see if the result is desirable before applying it on the larger area of your leather purse to avoid even damaging it on applying the polish before having a preview of the outcomes.

c) Application of the Polish to the Faded Leather Purse

This should be a multiple-step process. Therefore it is advisable if the desirable color coverage is not achieved at the first application.

The user should not be worrying as it can take either three or four applications to achieve the best and desirable look of their leather purse. After applying the polish on faded areas allow up to 20minutes for the polish to soak.

d) Evaluate the Color

With your clean cotton rag rub off any excess polish. This is necessary to be done after each application of the polish to avoid spreading the polish to other surfaces.

Final Words

In a nutshell, when first purchasing your leather purse, one should choose a color that is easy to get. The next important thing is to take great care of it. However, if a leather purse has been accidentally damaged or due to poor handling skills, then panic not as it can be restored and look desirable.

Although the owner of it needs to consider some facts when making a choice on the polish to be used and when stitching a ripped leather, with the right measures applied, one should expect nothing less than a new desirable look of their leather purse.

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