How to Play Beyblades

Beyblade is a common Japanese game that involves spinning top toys. This toy line got several parts that you can keep on interchanging. The game has two players; each match is played by use of a Beyblade stadium. Per match, each player can use up to three different Beyblades

When a Beyblade is used, you can use it interchangeably, and the person who finally scores seven points is the one who wins a match. The Beyblade game has risen with time, and many people are now learning the art of playing this game.

Step 1

The first thing that you should do while playing Beyblades is making sure that the Beyblade is assembled. The bottom layer or rather the tip should be placed into the disc. The disc and the tip are put into the top layer.

​Finally, then make sure that you gently twist it so that it locks into the top layer.

Step 2

The step that follows is placing the ripcord into a hole named (IN), which is the launcher. The blade should be in the launcher and then gently lock it into position. The launcher of the Beyblade should be held firmly, and left hand should put it into the position of the Beyblade stadium and bottom layer facing the stadium.

Finally, immediately after the game begins, the ripcord should be pulled out while holding the launcher firmly.

Step 3

During the game, the following should be done for you to have a successful game. Do not touch any moving blade or create any interruption. Be off the stadium completely during play. When the other blades have stopped spinning, which is the only time that a player can pick the beys from the stadium.

The final step is to know when you have this game. For you to be a winner, several things are considered. First, the blade of your opponent stops to spin before yours; then this is referred to a survivor finish.

Another type of win is when you knock the bey of your opponent out of the stadium. This is known as a ring out of the finish.

Burst finish takes place when the blade top of your opponent burst when playing. After the above, this is the major types of finishes that declare a win in each Beyblade game.

The game of Beyblade has many restrictions but at the same time fun to play.

Types of Beyblades

Beyblades are put in categories depending on how they attack, stamina, defense as well as a combination. The following are the most common types of Beyblades.

  • Endurance

  • This type of blade is mainly for outlasting an opponent in the stadium. Lack of power is compensated for, and this is an advantage against defense Beyblades.

  • Defense​​​​

  • The blade is slower than the attack Beyblade, mainly they deflect attacks and are good in battles against all attacks except things like stamina Beyblades.

  • Attack

  • The blades are for the offence; they mainly help in the attack of other Beyblades. They are great compared to stamina Beyblades and can be used to take hits.

  • Combination

  • These blades have stamina, attack, and defense and are very good in endurance battles. Beyblades can easily be customized so that they make a unique combination. They have additional attack rings, weight disks and different sizes of ripcords.

    Tricks for playing Beyblades

    A Beyblade will come with a leaflet that got instructions on how to play this game. The leaflet offers information on ways of launching the Beyblades as well as attack types. First, let your opponent launches their Beyblade first so that you will have a chance to knock the top or even stop the spinning g completely.

    Make sure to study your opponent closely and know what type of blades they are using so that you will know how to counter their attack. If you are new in the game, you can also study how your opponent is playing.

    When using a ripcord Beyblade pull the ripcord as fast so that you can endure the opponent's attack and deal more damages to the blade. Be keen on how your opponent launches the Beyblade and here you will be able to attack and even force them out easily.


    Finally, when playing this game, be sure to follow all the safety rules and regulations so that you play a safe game. Use caution while holding the blades to avoid being hurt.

    Beyblades are readily available in toy stores and from online retailers. With many types of tournaments and matches, you can play as much as you want. Choose your blade well, play safely and have lots of fun.

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