How to Clean a Shower Head without Vinegar

Have you noticed a slow water supply in your shower? If yes, then it could be your shower head needs some cleaning. Are there ways in which you can clean your shower head without using vinegar?

Since most of the way of cleaning a shower head requires vinegar, we are going to discusses how you can clean shower heads without vinegar. Vinegar is excellent when it comes to getting sorts of build-ups or rid of mildew; however, vinegar is not so necessary.

You need the following items for cleaning:

  • Face mask
  • An old toothbrush
  • A bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • A sponge
  • An old piece of cloth
  • A rubber gloves

We are all aware that drink is usefully and a great way of getting rid of any organic thing. The chemical reaction, which is as a result of baking soda, is high than enough to dissolve all kinds of build-ups, mainly on the shower head.

Step 1: Prepare for the cleaning

First, in this step, you need to prepare all that you will use in the process. You are supposed to put on a Glover. Before cleaning, you need to disconnect the water system since you will work on it. Lastly, you need to disconnect the shower head and the shower arm.

Steps 2: Make a paste

This is a crucial step when cleaning as it determines how effectively the shower head will be cleaned. After making the paste from water and the baking soda, you are ready to begin the process. You need to keep in mind that no recipe on how much baking soda and water you need.

The next thing is to pour the paste into a plastic cup or basin. The solution must be medium don’t use too much or little baking soda. It is recommended using ½ of the cup. After that, you are supposed to add a little water into the basin and slowly stir.  You can use a stir to stir the solution to get a paste.

Step 3: Use a toothbrush

The third step is to consider your toothbrush and begin the hard work. First, apply the paste solution to the handheld shower head and frequently rub with a brush. While rubbing, pay attention to the holes as most of the build-ups are located in the holes. 

Please make sure that you rub slowly to avoid damaging the shower head. Rub the shower head up to the point that you will notice its original color.

Step 4: Use hot water to rinse the shower head

Make a step ahead and use warm water instead of cold water to clean the shower head. Even if you have a hot shower, avoid using the shower to clean it the shower head. Make sure that you rinse your shower head a couple of times.

2. Cleaning shower head with a cleaning product

This is one of the simplest methods of cleaning shower heads as it doesn’t require much effort. The best product to use in this method is an oven cleaner. 

The oven cleaner is well designed to remove build-ups. It’s also great when it comes to dissolving build-ups. You need to isolate the head on some surface.

Step 1: Preparation for the cleaning

First, put on a pair of gloves; hence, you don't need to conduct the oven with your hands? After that, pick your mask and put it on.  An oven cleaner is a sturdy chemical paste that can release bubbles and fumes once sprayed.

Besides, put a towel around your head if the shower head is located on a higher application.

Step 2: Spray the shower head

After the preparation, spray the oven cleaner to the shower head carefully. For effective spraying, it recommends spraying in intervals of five to ten seconds. This will help to allow the cleaner to enter into the hole and remove build-ups slowly.

 If the shower head is located at a high application, be keen and careful to avoid spraying the oven around the bathroom walls. After spraying, give the oven cleaner at least 20 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with hot water

Hot water is the most recommend than cold water. Since the shower head is detached to the arm, you need to use tap sink water to rinse the head.

Pick any clean spray bottle and fill with hot water and spray to the holes as you rub with a cloth.

3. Using limescale to clean shower heads

Step 1: Detach the shower head

First, you need to remove the head from the shower system for easy and effective cleaning. Make sure that you are very careful while detaching the shower head to avoid damaging the shower system.

Step 2: Spray the lime scale remover

Place the shower head on a sink and use the limescale remove and frequently spray the shower head. While spraying, aim the holes, not the entire shower head, because most of the build-ups are a presence in the holes.

Steps 3: Wait for 20 minutes

After spraying, leave the shower head for around 20 minutes before you start rinsing. Make sure that the shower head is untouched from the unit.

Step 4: Rinses with hot water

If you are done with cleaning, then you are free to rinse with warm water.  This will help to remove any build-ups easily and effective, thus getting a perfect cleaned shower head.


Every choice that you make may lead to a positive or negative result. Anyone who needs to have healthy bathing, then you can't afford to take a bath with a dirty shower.

Some people replace the entire shower head after it been dirty because they don't know how to clean. Therefore form now, no need to replace the whole system, take a step ahead and clean it.

You can use either of the methods to clean the shower head without vinegar.

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