How To Change A Shower Arm

Are you showering head leaking, rusty or dirty? If so, you need then to replace it with a more efficient and clean shower arm. Another reason that might force you to change your shower arm is the water pressure. Maybe you are not happy with the way your shower baths you, it means you can consider getting yourself another shower arm.

Changing a shower arm or replacing an old version is an easy task that can be done by anybody who has some relevant skills about the same. In case you have never changed a shower arm, don't worry. Our guide will step by step, instruct you on how to change a shower arm.

How to change a shower arm-Step by Step

1. Cut the water supply to your bathroom

This is the first thing you need to do. Begin by cutting the water supply to your bathroom. Just keep in mind, you cannot work on your shower arm water is flowing.

You may shut off the water mains through using a special type of valve that holds water tightly from flowing. Make sure that you are working in a dry environment. This will protect you against unnecessary accidents.

2. Rotate the older arm anticlockwise

You don't need to struggle with the shower arm while replacing it with a new one. You just have to grab the arm with your two hands and twist it slowly and carefully. For easy removal, you should twist the arm in an anticlockwise way.

In case the arm has been attacked by rust, you just need a piece of cloth to help you in the task. Grabbing the shower arm with the piece of cloth will help you earn more grip hence making your task easier.

3. Check out the shower arm intersection

If you have tried all means to twist the shower arm yet they are no answer, consider this option. You need to find a ladder and check out the shower arm junction. Rusty and calcium coated shower arm may be a bit tricky to remove by twisting.

In this case, you need to either galvanize the arm or use a Teflon tape to minimize the impact on the shower arm. Just look at the quality of the old shower arm and apply the Teflon tape uniformly. You can also consider soaking a piece of cloth to concentrated vinegar and applying it on the shower arm. But in this case, you have to wait for 15 minutes for the solution to work out.

4. Use a modified pipe wrench

You may have tried everything, but still, the shower arm will not budge. This is now the right time to bring out more equipment. You need an adjustable pipe wrench in this case.

With the pipe wrench, grab the shower arm and adjust it. Using one hand, push down the pipe wrench. You should not pull the pipe wrench, instead of pushing it down to make your work less messy.

Remember, using a pipe wrench may mean ruining your old shower arm completely. Although it will give you an opportunity to replace it with a modern shower arm.

5. Change the shower arm

What next now that you have your old shower arm removed? This takes you to the most important step of your task. Assuming that you already have the shower arm, you need to replace it, and you also need a plumbers tape.

Be certain that getting your shower arm intact on the wall may be a hard task if you do not have the right tools. You can consider using a Teflon tape instead of a plumbers tape.

Wrap the Teflon tape to the connection of the shower arm by applying it 4 to 5 times for better results. However, this depends on the quality of the Teflon tape.

The next thing you need to do is to tighten the shower arm. Rotate the arm clockwise with the use of a pair of pliers. Consider wrapping your shower arm with a piece of cloth to reduce the effect of impact between the arm and the pliers.

Tightening the shower arm to the maximum makes your arm free from constant leaks. You may also consider using two methods while installing the shower arm for a high pressure handheld showerhead. The first way is by placing the showerhead before installing the shower arm on the wall. 

This method saves time and is less messy. The second method is by placing the showerhead after installing the arm on the wall. Be keen on this method to make sure that the showerhead goes well with the arm.

6. Ensure there are no leaks

In case you didn't apply well the Teflon tape on the intercession between the shower arm and wall, you may find your arm leaking. Therefore it is very important to check out the functioning of the arm after the whole process of replacing it.

If you find leaks on either the shower arm or the arm, you have to re-wrap the shower arm threads with the plumber's tape and re-install the shower arm.

Having a shower arm that does not leak is one of the vital elements for your bathroom. This means you should be very careful when installing your new shower arm. Once you are certain that there are no leaks, you can be comfortable with your ideal replacement.


Changing a shower arm is usually an easy task to do if only you follow the right steps for the whole process. Before beginning the project, just believe that you are the best for the task.

Make sure that this time around whatever shower arm you replace with, is comfortable for you. This will save you the cost of having to change the arm constantly. Choose a shower arm that is long-lasting, and that always gives you a reason to shower daily.

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