How to Build a Beyblade

Beyblade game is trending worldwide these days. To be the best player, you need to have a self-made Beyblade. Making a Beyblade at home is not hard f you know the procedures to follow.

You can make various types of Beyblades which include balance, stamina attack, and defense Beyblades. 

Materials needed to make Beyblades are just within your reach. Check the following tips on how to build a Beyblade at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Large rubber eraser
  • Small round-bottomed container or object/ geometrical set divider
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pushpin/ iron nail/ screw
  • Pieces of white cardboard
  • Permanent markers with different colors of your choice ranging from warm to cool colors.

1. Making a General Beyblade

Body of a Beyblade

The opinion of many people is that a large rubber eraser is an ideal material for the base of a self-made Beyblade.

It's heavy enough to make the Beyblade rotate powerfully, and it is so easy to spice with colors and into desired shapes. 

Get a big white eraser - a circular one, if available- to make the body of your Beyblade.

When rubber is not available for use, a white Styrofoam is suitable for use. Use a flat piece of thick white Styrofoam.

Pieces of cardboard fixed against each other can also make a good base.

Making the Beyblade to the desired size 

Use a sharp knife to cut the Beyblade base into a perfect circular shape. The Beyblade should be cut into a perfect circle for it to rotate longer without staggering. Irregular shapes will make the Beyblade stagger when spinning it.

To cut a perfect circle, use a geometrical set divider, small container lid or a small mug or any small circular based object on the Beyblade base. Trace around the object using a sharp pencil then cut out the circle around the pencil outline with a sharp knife or scissors depending on the material used for the base.

Putting a pushpin through the middle of the body

Put and push a long pushpin through the center of the body, from one side to the other. The pin will be used as a handle helping you to launch the Beyblade on the Beyblade stadium and also as the axis on which it rotates.

Once the pin is in place, check to ensure that your Beyblade balances well and can rotate for a considerable length of time.

If the Beyblade staggers and then fall, just check to see that the pushpin is right in the middle of the base.

A nail or a screw can also be used in place of the pushpin in case you don't have one and either of them is supposed to be pushed right at the middle of the base.

2. Making Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Balance

Making an attack Beyblade

This Beyblade is used to destroy other Beyblades, and the ideal way of achieving this is by designing it in a way that it contains some spikes. You can also label the Beyblade using the markers and also shade the spikes to achieve sharp and a scary look.

Cut the cardboard into spikes and fix them around the peripheries of the base of your Beyblade. Make the spikes streamlined to make the Beyblade rotate at high speed.

Using the permanent markers, color the Beyblade in such a way it will be identified as an attack Beyblade and also make it look unique. Use hard colors.

Defense Beyblade

It is used to protect your Beyblade form, other attackers, this one is not fast like an attack Beyblade, but it just has unique powers.

  • Using a divider, construct a ring around the periphery of the Beyblade base.
  • Decorate the Beyblade using the permanent markers in warm to cool colors.
  • On this Beyblade, design a picture or art that will depict defense. You can use a strong character in an action movie.

Stamina Beyblade

This one can spin for a long time without falling then all the other types. Ensure your Beyblade is spinning will then design it to be used as a stamina Beyblade.

  • Shade swirls around the base that resembles gusts of wind.
  • Shade the base of your Beyblade with silver and gold paint markers.
  • Use some art to show stamina on your Beyblade. You can use a fiery flame for this.

Make a balance Beyblade

This is a hybrid of the above specifications. It can perform any of the three tasks.

  • Design an art that will represent all the tree powers on your Beyblade.
  • Mark it using colors used to color all the three, at least one from each.
  • Design an art that will show balance. One that is not based on any of the three powers.

Final words

Now make your Beyblade and be a champion. At least you now know what to do to achieve the desired power.

You can blend two deferent powers at a time to achieve different designs and see how it will work.

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