Best Handheld Shower head for Pleasure – Guide and Reviews

The best handheld shower head for pleasure can be a great addition to your new or existing bathroom. This shower head gives a spa-like space and great functionality when taking a relaxing shower.

It gives you flexibility in the bathroom to perfectly clean all your body parts. Also, it flawlessly massages your body aches and sore muscles to heal and relax your body.

Most of the handheld showers are well-deigned for an easy time when installing. They are the perfect choice in a home with pets or kids due to their easy rising. Handheld showers come in a variety of finishes.

When choosing the best handheld shower head, it is advisable to choose one that will work with your shower set up. 

However, there are a bulk of factors that you should put into consideration. These factors ensure that you settle for the perfect handheld shower to avoid any disappointments.

For this reason, I will highlight the main factors that you should check for you to get the best high-pressure shower head. Besides, I will give the key things that will make your shower experience memorable and answer some of the questions in your mind and top handheld shower head recommendations.

There are so many handheld shower heads that you can find on the market. However, not all are designed to make your shower experience the best. We have researched the market and now provide you with detailed reviews of the best handheld shower head for low water pressure.

These are incredible handheld shower heads that will transform your bathing experience. Check their full reviews to determine which one is best for you.

Are you looking for one of the most luxurious shower heads? If you are, then we have got just the right item for you. This shower head features a total of 24 different water flow combinations plus two shower heads.

The two shower heads can be controlled separately, and they both feature a pause option. It also comes with various settings to give you an awesome experience while using it.

This shower head is an excellent addition to any bathroom as it can be used by anyone young or old. It is also very durable as it features a stainless steel hose and brass connectors.

Additionally, the chrome finish gives off an elegant look perfect for your bathroom. Yo as both shower heads feature Cleaning jets to keep residue away.

Furthermore, it can be used as a handheld shower head or a fixed shower head whichever you prefer. Also, you won't need any special tools to have it installed as it also comes with plumber's tape for easy installation. It also features a 3-way water diverter with an anti swivel lock nut to better your showering experience.


  • Features two shower heads
  • Comes with five different settings
  • Protected by the 10-year limited warranty
  • It is lightweight therefore easy to hold
  • Comes with plumber's tape and a washer


  • The plastic construction puts it at risk of breakage
  • It tends to be complicated to change the settings once it is running

As the name suggests, if you want a good high-pressure shower head, then try the YOO.MEE high-pressure handheld shower head. It has an upgraded 2XP turbocharging technology which empowers it to spray powerfully regardless of low water pressure settings.

Get to enjoy three different functions. They include powerful shooting function if you are in need of a quick shower. A massage function that is perfect for relaxing tired muscles and the mixed-function.

Aside from that, any special additional items to have it installed as it comes included with plumbers tape. It has a six and a half ft long hose that stands out from other shower heads.

Perfect fit for larger showers, bathtubs and you can also use it when bathing pets without any issues. Its brand name is engraved on the plate so that you can distinguish it from counterfeit parts.

This shower head is chrome-plated to give it a luxurious look as well as make it corrosion resistant. The hose is also made of stainless steel and comes with a regulator to monitor water flow.

Aside from that, the rubber jet nozzles help to prevent any form of the mineral buildup and to make it easy to clean. For your peace of mind, it comes backed by a one year warranty to guarantee all quality issues within the period.


  • Can easily be cleaned.
  • It is made of durable materials.
  • Comes with three types of settings.
  • It can be easily installed.
  • Great for conserving water and energy.


  • Comes with a short warranty period.
  • Made from plastic which is a great turn off for most people.

As one of the best handheld shower head, it is made from stainless steel to guarantee more years of service. You can choose to use it overhead or handheld whichever option will suit you best.

Apart from that, you can get to choose from six different settings which are rain mist, power rain, rain massage, water-saving mode, power mist, and pulsating massage. All these options are designed to let you decide on what will suit you best.

Have we mentioned the overhead bracket feature which lets you adjust the shower head to any angle that will suit you? With a 5-ft hose, anything is possible with this luxurious shower head. It comes with an ergonomic grip handle plus a nozzle jet for easy cleaning to do away with any buildup.

This shower head also comes included with plumber's tape, overhead bracket, washers under gift box in case you want to gift it to a loved one. Once you purchase this shower head you won't need a plumber to have it installed.

You can easily install it as it can fit any standard shower arm. The lifetime limited warranty will give you some peace of mind in case of any problems with it.


  • easy to clean.
  • Can be used both overhead or handheld.
  • Easily installed.
  • Comes with six spray settings.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • It can easily break when dropped only runs on low-pressure water installations.
  • It will leak on high-pressure water installations.

This elegant shower head lets you use two shower heads separately or better yet you can use both the handheld shower and rain shower head altogether. The Chrome face rainfall shower head is of 7 inches, and the high power hand shower is a 4 inch.

It has seven functions which are hydro mist, eco rain, water-saving pause modes, power rain, massage mode, mist mode, and pulsating massage. All these are at your disposal to give you a spa-like experience.

The stainless steel hose is flexible to help you get water all over your body. Also, you will get conical brass hose nuts that are durable for easy and tightening.

Speaking of nuts, it comes with easy steps to install as you won't need a plumber or any other additional tools to get the job done. You will also get a limited lifetime warranty in case of any problems when you buy this unit.

Additionally, this shower head comes with an adjustable overhead bracket plus a water consumption rate of 2.5 GPM. When using the handheld option, you don't have to worry about exhaustion while holding it because it is lightweight.

It combines Elegance as well as very remarkable engineering because of its chrome finish. The chrome finish makes it look luxurious, and it can match any modern bathroom.


  • It is affordable compared to other shower heads.
  • It is made of durable material.
  • Doesn't require any additional tools to install.
  • Saves water and energy.
  • Beautiful chrome finish.


  • The plastic is a bit delicate it should be handled well.

Do you want to upgrade your shower system without using any equipment? Ana Bath Spot Shower is the best solution for you. You don't need to have screwdrivers or other installing tools for set-up. You need your hands.

The design of this shower head suits any bathroom, saving both your space and time for installation at the same time. This shower head is approved to higher industry standards to serve you better.

This shower head comes with a large spray face that gives your showering experience a touching feeling that motivates you to shower more and more. This spray face produces rainfall like drops, another level of technology that saves your water usage at a higher rate.

Unlike the previous family of shower heads which were easily attacked by calcium, Ana Bath Dual Shower comes with nozzles that are easy to clean especially when dealing with calcium.

In addition, this shower head is made with stainless steel. All the surfaces are electroplated to protect your head from rusting. This also gives the head a longer lifespan making it durable. Apart from that, this shower head comes with other amazing features like the massage spray with a mixture of bubbling and rain mix.


  • Durable.
  • Wider spray face that saves your water.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • You don't need tools to install. Just your hands.


  • Can get loose within some days of usage.
  • The finish is made of plastic.

G Promise is a super modified shower head designed to offer you extra flexibility making your showers enjoyable and more live. The most strong point of this shower head is its ability to give you a powerful message at a low cost. 

Amazingly, this head gives you a trickle like a mode shower giving you time to apply your soap and shampoo properly without a hurry.

Apart from that, the G-Promise shower head is coated with brass shaped in a special structure using a modern design. On the external side of the tube, the head is quoted with stainless steel being free from rust.

Moreover, you need not worry about constant breakage of the shower head since the hose rotates in a 360 degrees style, making the head more flexible. This means that you can enjoy your bath in any direction and style you need.

This shower head is designed with all the tools and accessories required for easy installation. This means that you don't need to borrow spanners and screwdrivers for set up. All you need is just to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for a fast and easy installation.

The shower head is designed with crochet to help you to bath even with insufficient water. It also helps you to increase the pressure rate of the shower.


  • Easy to install.
  • More versatile.
  • It is easy to fast to remove.
  • Designed with a quality material.
  • Has a longer lifespan.


  • The shower head is more made of plastic.

Imagine getting yourself a lightweight shower head that shower and massage you at the same time? This is how the Briot Handheld shower serves you. It provides you with a stylish design making the shower head have an amazing physical appearance. This shower  head is anti-leak, giving you the certainty to bathe comfortably without an unworthy splash of water.

Besides, this shower head comes with a self-cleaning short tube that is easy to clean against calcium and other buildup materials. Also, this shower head can produce water drops in a higher force, even in a low force water pipe. Furthermore, the shower head is made with a powerful brass that can serve you for a long time.

\To commence this shower head is long enough to bath you, your kid, and your pet also. The material used to design this head is stainless steel, making it free from rust.

Also, its perforated nozzle can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise to bath you at any given angle. This shower head shoots raindrop like water elements in five spray settings from the outer, middle inner layers.


  • Free from rust.
  • Easy to clean build-up materials.
  • Makes your bathroom more stylish.
  • Flexible to bath you at any angle.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The metal bar making the shower head may shot out if not installed properly.
  • Light material that may come off if you are not careful.

Have you been searching for a water-saving shower head? You got a solution. Hotel Spa Shower head is the best solution for you. This amazing perforated shower is designed to give you maximum luxury shower, ensuring that you don't step out of the shower room with a rush.

At the same time, this shower head is anti-leak and provides small raindrops making sure that you can economize your water usage. On top of this, this super shower comes with dual shower heads designed to give you an amazing water flow pattern.

This powerful shower head is extremely easy to set up. In other words, you don't need to call a plumber to install it for you. It comes with its own tools for installation, so all you need to do is to follow the written instruction to know how to connect the system within just minutes. Also, it has a longer shower arm to ensure comfortable bathing regardless of your bath style.

Amazingly, this shower head can provide a higher pressure shower even in a low atmospheric single pressure pipe. Additionally, this shower head is designed with a stainless steel brand that ensures rust dust not attack your perforated nozzle. At the same time, it offers you additional services like recurring rhythmical massage, rain-like drops, and power rain mist.


  • Equipped with a flexible adjustable head.
  • Comes with tools for setting up making installation easy.
  • Has a double shower head for a comfortable bath.
  • Designed with a durable material.
  • It is lightweight.


  • Mostly made of plastic.
  • Sometimes the instruction sheet might be contradicting. 

This shower head is considered one of the best among the current shower heads in the market. This is because it enhances the quality of your showering and creates s spa feeling in your bathroom. 

It has a luxury spa grade high pressure with six spray settings, adjustable brass ball bracket holder and Teflon tape with oil rubbed bronze making it more classic.

It is having a main rainfall head partnered with massage jets that are accessed at the turn of a knob. This portable unit offers different waterfall styles that you can easily access by pressing the switch. It is designed with 56 nozzles which makes your shower time convenient and enjoyable.

You will also love the fact that the shower head features a high-quality make. It is made with a durable ABS plastic material to give you many years of use. This makes the shower head effective for hot showers. Summing up the benefits, it features a sealant rubberband to prevent water leak.


  • Great water pressure.
  • It is durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The shower head keeps pointing down.
  • Sprung leaks after some time.

Moen Company is dedicated to designing and delivering products that last for a lifetime. From finishes to faucets that balances your water pressure perfectly. They set the standard for exceptional beauty and reliability and innovative design.

This shower head comes with a quality magnetic docking system and chrome. The shower head detaches with fewer efforts through an integrated magnet, then returns with an unmistakable snap that lets you informed of it's secured lock.

The diameter of the six spray heads that are 3.5" provides a customized experience and optimized spray force. You can be sure of a nice coverage when you are taking your showers. Besides, the magnetic docking system allows easy release and return of the spray head even with closed eyes.

Magnetic shower head meets water efficiency and performance criteria to help reduce water wastage in a home without sacrificing performance, making it environmentally conscious.

It is also manufactured under quality standards and craftsmanship and backed with a limited lifetime warranty; hence buying does not need a second thought.


  • It's light and easy to use.
  • They aren't noisy.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has flow restrictors.


  • Hard to remove the restrictors.
  • Very restricted flow of water.

The shower head comes with a durable hose made of stainless steel to offer a durable use. It also has a mount that is adjustable, rainfall and water-saving mode. It makes you relax in your shower room like a luxurious spa center and it is great for massaging your body.

It has 3 settings rainfall high flow shower head with 4.9ft flexible stainless steel hose. It has a high-pressure spray against low-pressure water pipe, and TPU jets that make cleaning your shower easy are the reason for choosing this shower head.

Other reasons like chrome-plated ABS, lasting life span, lightweight, corrosion-resistant brass nut allowing hand-tightening, complimentary washer and plumber's tape to ensure no leaks take place.

This shower head comes with universal parts including 60" flexible hose; made with quality ABS material with chrome finish. Free thread sealant tape also included. The spa experience is brought about by the five function setting that includes rain, massage, aeration, rain/massage, rain/aeration.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great value for money.
  • Good pressure.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Come with user guide.


  • Other parts need purchasing.

This is shower head with a handheld combo that you can consider installing in your bathroom. With this shower head, you can enjoy comfortable and luxurious showers. The two shower heads feature six full spray settings.

They also have a patented 3-way diverter that makes it easy to use each shower head either separately or together. It also features anti-swivel position lock nuts for an easy and secure connection.

Rub-clean jets make cleaning your shower head easy, thus preventing lime buildup. The easy to follow user manual makes installation much easier than expected.  The water-saving pause mode is great for saving water in a home, helping in cutting the cost of water bills.

The premium matching-style hand shower can allow using as overhead or handheld shower. Angle-adjustable overhead bracket lets you point each shower where you want it for hand-free at the desired angle. 

These shower heads are tested independently to meet the latest US compliance standards, unlike other shower heads commonly sold. High power click lever dial. Huge 7-inch face for drenching flow coverage and all chrome great finish makes it a great shower head system.


  • Easy to install .
  • Lightweight .
  • Value for money.
  • Fantastic shower pressure.
  • Various shower option.


  • Hard to reach adjustment levers.
  • Flimsy and cheap materials.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Shower head

A cool, refreshing shower in the morning or after a tiresome day works magic in your body. It has a powerful way of cooling and relaxing your nerves. However, there are a variety of things that determine the effectiveness of the shower. Before settling on the shower to purchase reconsider the following dynamics.


A well-installed shower equates to a desirable shower. Same way, a poorly installed handheld shower equates to a poor performing shower. Advisably, settle for a shower that is simple to install. You can inquire from the seller or view the installation manual.

Besides, if the shower seems to take ages when installing, you can hire a professional to install for you at a peanut price. Therefore you should be alert of the availability of a professional.

However, it is prudent to have a handheld shower that you have full control over it. Hence you can install or remove it all by yourself with minimum help.

The users of the bathroom

Who is the main user of your shower? Is it kids or adults? Adults are capable of functioning multiple showers. However, if it is the kids, a lot of attention is required.

The shower should be simple to operate. A rigid shower causes trouble when operating, and this can make your kid away from the bathroom. Besides a troublesome handheld shower for the kids will become faulty with no time.

Such a shower will always need constant replacement which is not cost-effective. To avoid such issues, study the users of your bathroom well and settle for the most convenient handheld shower.


The cost of the handheld shower is very crucial. The cost of the handheld shower varies; hence, you can be assured of a shower that conveniently fits your pocket. Though, remember that one receives what you pay for with your cash. Hence at a lower price, you may end up with a poor performing handheld shower.

It is essential to study the market perfectly, and the showers at your disposal. It will help you discover the high-quality showers in the market that are conveniently at par with your pocket. Wisely, pick a handheld shower according to your budget to avoid the financial crisis.

Handheld shower head design

The shower head is a critical part that should be well-considered with a lot of prudence. The shape of the head determines the pressure and amount of water delivery.

The common shower heads have round or square shapes. The square-shape shower head is convenient for a contemporary bathroom.

Still, it gives gentle water spread when having a shower. If you aim at saving your water, an aerated and boasted handheld shower head will always feel like it dispenses a lot of water.

Yet it releases the right amount of water. Such showers work in low pressure to make you more water pressure than you do.

Spray pattern

Different handheld showers have different spray patterns of water.  The spray patterns include jet, rain, pulse, aeration, and many more. The rain spray pattern is appropriate if you aim at water saving.

Additionally, a jet spray pattern is most appropriate for small kids because the water comes in low pressure. Some people have a specified spray pattern that they prefer. In such a situation, take your choice because you are the immediate user.

Slide bar

Do you want to get the best handheld shower head with a slide bar? A slide bar is a fixture that is used to adjust the height of the shower head. A shower head with a slide bar is appropriate for home use. Because you can easily adjust the height of the shower to the height of the different members of the family.

This fixture is also appropriate when you do not want to wet your hair. When considering this factor, it is necessary to study the users and their different needs. Nevertheless, combined with other highlighted factors to settle for the best handheld shower.

Which type is the Switch?

The shower switch is also known as the divert valve. It may include the button, knob, or lever style switch. Are you wondering why this is important?  If a member of your family suffers from health issues such as arthritis, he may face some problems when turning on or off the switch.

Besides, if you have a reduced finger strength, some of the switches can be troublesome. With the wide variety of switches, consider a switch that will not give you a hard time when having your relaxing shower.

Weight of the handheld shower

The weight of the handheld shower determines if the shower will be relaxing or adding more fatigue to your body. Additionally, an extra weight shower maybe not applicable to kids or cleaning the pets. Showers are professionally-constructed with different materials and designs that seek to reduce their weight.

Materials such as plastic tend to reduce the weight of the shower. While some of the metallic materials can increase the weight of the shower, if the user has a limited handling strength, opt for a superlight shower. Hence, showcases the necessity to be fully aware of the users and the purpose of the shower.

Material and finishes

The making material of any item determines its durability. Materials such as copper, gold, silver, brass, and ceramic will conveniently extend the using period of your shower. Still, the material should be rust free to avoid discoloring the shower, which will give it an unpleasant look.

Showers are available with different finishes such as bronze, pewter, and oil rubbed bronze, nickel and many more.  To have the perfect handheld shower to ensure that the making material is genuinely long-lasting and rust-free. 

Safety straps

When looking for a handheld shower, the handles are the central consideration. The handle should have an ergonomic design to enable it to slip in your hand. It should have a considerable thickness, and the making material should have a reliable texture for a firm grip.

Further, the safety straps should be strategically positioned to avoid straining your hands. When purchasing a shower for the elderly or arthritic individuals, consider a handle that slips through the hand reliably without the need for a firm grip. Therefore, it will save their week hands and ultimately enjoy their showers without any strain.

How To Make Your Shower Time Experience Pleasant

If you are not a bath person, I got some tips to ensure that your next shower will be a 5-spar. To ensure you have a pleasant bath, ensure that your shower head is well-placed and of the right size.

Try taking your fanciest towels to make your relaxing time in the shower is long. For a fancy towel have a large, soft and fluffiest towel. A fluffy towel generally tends to be relaxing and calming.

Moreover, consider adding some live plants in your bathroom with bright color and scent. Choose a plant that grows well in a moisture environment and not sunlight. 

Above all, consider having some lavender hanging on your well-performing shower. The lavenders offer a wonderful and calming aroma with the heat and steam from the shower. When having the shower use the most comfortable temperature.

However, avoid too hot water that can make your skin too dry. Treat your body with your elegant bathing products.  Have a body scrub to remove the dead cells on your skin.

Massage through your body slowly and smoothly, trying to think of your most pleasant experience. When you are done dry your body with the softest and fluffiest towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the perfect shower for cleaning my pet?

A: While cleaning a pet, you will constantly be beholding the shower head. Hence a handheld shower will serve you best additionally the shower should have an ergonomic handle and superlight. It enables you to hold the shower and reduce the accompanying fatigue firmly. Also, the shower should be highly durable to prolong the using period.

Q: Can I get a handheld shower for a person with weak hands?

A: A person with arthritis or with weak hands requires a super light handheld shower. The weight of a shower is primarily-determined with the constructing material and its design.

The shower should have an ergonomic design to make it intact with your hands without necessarily gripping it toughly. On top of that, the shower's constructing material should be light, such as plastic. Super light showers are available in the market at a very pocket-friendly price.

Q: Which is the price of a professional shower

A: Unfortunately, we do not have the perfect answer to this question. However, the handheld showers are available in a wide variety. With the wide range of the showers, you will ultimately get a shower that conveniently fits in your pocket.  

Consider the other factors too, such as the quality and the users of the shower. It is worthless buying a cheap shower, yet it does not meet the user's expectations making it worthless and loss of your cash.

Cheap is expensive and yet expensive item does not necessarily equate to the perfect shower.

Q: Do I necessarily need a professional to install my handheld shower?

A: The handheld showers are available in different designs. Some of the showers can be easy-installed by the home users while others require a professional to install them due to the tedious complex process. Either way, the shower should be strategically placed in the bathroom by a knowledgeable person

Q: I am not a bath person, what can I do to improve on this?

A: Not being a bath person is normal but needs some improvement.I have highlighted some of the things that you can do to ensure you have a pleasant bath. Some of the key things is ensuring that your shower is well installed.

You can place some lavenders in the bathroom for a calming aroma. As well, use a comfortable temperature with the appropriate spray pattern.

Final Verdict

Every morning you will require a shower to activate your day's psyche and act as a motivation to face the day's struggles. The quality of the shower depends on the type of the handheld shower you will be using.

This is why we recommend the best handheld shower head for pleasure to enjoy quality baths. For a well-performing handheld shower, there are a variety of things that you should consider. The outstanding factor is making the material.

The material determines the durability of the shower. The weight of the shower should conveniently be compatible with the user's strength. Individuals with health issues should prefer a superlight handheld shower.

If you are not a bath person, this article fully covers you. I have highlighted the key things that you should observe to ensure you have a pleasant shower.

The outstanding of them all is your towel. Pick a soft and fluffy towel to massage your body while wiping. Additionally, use the right cleaning products to calm your nerves and release body fatigue.

Whether you need the best handheld shower head for a small shower or the best luxury handheld shower head, you have many options to choose from.

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