Top 10 Best Handbags for Women’s In 2020

Are you in need of the best handbags for women brands? Handbags are suitable for transporting small items and making sure that you carry all the important ones on a trip. Similarly, it is a source of a woman's pride. That is why most women would sacrifice time and money to choose the best possible handbag.

When shopping for branded handbags for women's, women often look for something that provides much more than just a space for transporting items. At times they look for handbags that can go with their outfits and that add style to their dressings.

Buying a handbag may not be the toughest task, but purchasing a handbag that you can use often is not equally easy. There may be lots of amazing handbag models out there, but only a few can be carried daily and still add value to the carrier.

You may have to do a thorough analysis of the handbags on the market to find the one that can serve your unique needs more appropriately. This guide is designed to provide users with both information on how to choose the best handbags for women's.

I will list of some of the best affordable handbags. Use it as a guide to get the best ladies handbags.

After doing extensive research, here are some most popular handbags that you can buy. Each of the bags has its unique features. Check their full reviews here to find popular womens purses.

Michael Kors is a reputable brand that has continued to produce industry-leading best women bags and purses. This bag is created with a high degree of artistry.

It is a combination of art and elegance in their entirety. It gives a modern woman a feeling of beauty and pride. It still maintains a high level of convenience in carrying the little but important things that a woman would not want to leave behind.

This is a different breed of women handbags. It is a combination of quality, elegance, contemporary style, and convenience to a modern woman.

This amazing piece of innovation features a high level of creativity and an excellent material combination. It is made from quality synthetic fabric which also makes it a durable accessory.

Since the synthetic fabric is a light material, the fact that is has been used on this bag makes the handbag lightweight. Therefore, this makes it easy to carry around.

Women want to feel comfortable while carrying their handbags, and the weight and structure of this bag provide for just that. It enhances the level of comfort that you can get while going on your business in style.

The material is also durable with a UV stable design that can truly stand the test of time. It is suitable for students, workers, and every other occasion.

The bag has multiple pockets that provide enough space for carrying more items. It has two main compartments that are spacious, open and nicely designed to keep items organized. The pockets also make traveling fun since you do not have to carry more bags. The pockets also make it possible for you to separate items of different characteristics or to keep separately those belongings that might not mix well with the rest.

With a 9-inch drop, this bag features very comfortable straps. It is suitable for both tall and short people. Regardless of your height, you can carry it for long without irritating your armpits or feeling strained by it. Similarly, they are snap proof and boasts load-bearing buckles that can support lots of weight.


  • Spacious
  • Keeps your items neat
  • Durable materials
  • Comfortable straps


  • Some people find it small

This is one of the best bags this year and for many reasons. It has been designed for a contemporary woman, with every innovative feature that maximizes the comfort of the carrier.

Generally, this product suits the need of most modern women, and would not disappoint on any important occasion as long as it matches your outfit. The women's jet set several stylish accessories that make it suited for today's typical stylish woman.

It stands out as one of the most durable models within its price range. You can use it in all the four seasons, whether under a scorching sun or in the pouring rain. Its durability is impressive, and it is capable of surviving constant use for a long time.

Any Michael Kors bag would pass for a highly durable piece of innovation. This quality comes from a combination of excellent quality materials used and the high degree of artistry put into its designing and construction.

To be specific, it is made from high-quality leather that is durable and therefore, does not fade or tear.

The bag is spacious and will give you value for your money. You get to enjoy the convenience of carrying more accessories in one bag so that you do not have to carry more bags and save you from the bulkiness.

Amazingly, you can carry gadgets as large as a laptop and a tablet. You will also have some space for other items that you may need to carry along to whatever trip or occasion that you are going to. As if that is not enough, this bag also has a key fob to help you keep your keys where you can keep track of them and find them with ease.

This bag also has four slip pockets in the interior plus side gusseted pockets that provide extra storage space. Since it also has high-grade handles that do not snap under pressure, it will not let you down when you need it the most. You can use it on a day to day basis, and its sturdy handle would still last a lifetime.


  • Nice design
  • Lining fabric
  • Designed with quality handles
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Multiple pockets


  • The straps fall apart

Right from its size to its quality, this is one of the best bags for carrying to various types of occasions. It might be too big for date nights, but this bag still stands out in a lot of ways.

The large size plays well for other occasions and for carrying more accessories if you have to. There a is nothing more annoying at a time when you need to go out than having to carry more bags when all you needed was to travel light and handily.

This bag can help you solve such problems. It is large enough to contain more accessories at once.

Just like its other Michael Kors counterparts, the Women's sady carryall is a survivor. It is as durable as it gets. A woman desires to own the best purse or handbag that will not deteriorate that easily.

They want a bag that can serve them for as long as possible, and this bag is designed to give just that. It can survive the pressures of carrying heavy loads as well as the effects of changing the weather. The has high-quality materials which makes it durable.

It is designed for a more serious carrying, with a structure that is meant to facilitate a handier trip. It has a double top handle that ensures strength and makes it able to carry more items without straining or without breaking.

The handbag also has zip-top closure that ensures that your accessories are tightly locked in for more secure transportation.

Unlike the cheap brands that reap easily, this bag can survive it all. Similarly, it reduces the need to carry accessories in different bags. Weighing just about 2.5 pounds, this handbag might be large but is amazingly light, making it ideal for carrying around for longer hours at a go.

It has one pocket on the outside at the back and other six on the inside. This is enough pockets for more organized storage and carrying important items. Among them is an interior laptop padded compartment.


  • Padded compartment for laptop
  • Ample pockets
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Beautiful design


  • Might be big for date nights

This is a true representation of vintage fashion at its best. The producers intended to create a handbag that would suit a stylish modern woman. It has a taste for vintage and be a great convenience to her as she goes about her day to day business.

This is by far, one of the most sought-after vintage fashion handbags with some of the most enticing characteristics that makes it attractive and handy. It is a true representation of feminine boldness and can help you carry all your little belongings in style and more conveniently.

This amazing product here boats admirable durability. Since it is made of pure dual-layered cowhide, you can be sure of longer use. There is no way any force would interfere with the quality of the bag in such a way to lead to premature wear and tear. It is almost completely impossible for it to fray or rip of over some time.

Similarly, spaciousness is another reason to love this handbag. It provides enough space to keep bulky items such as laptops while still leaving enough room for other accessories that you may want to carry along. Space comes in the form of compartments.

You can separate items of different nature by keeping the like ones together but away from the others. The fact that it has different compartments both on the interior and exterior makes it possible for you to organize your accessories just well.

Its sleek wine-themed body makes it many women's favorite. It is an elegant product that would stand out at any party. So, if you are looking for a bag that can complement your style, this would do just fine.

Oozing style and elegance are not all that you will get from it, though. Lots of conveniences come along with it too. 

It has rolled double handles that are capable of supporting lots of weight. Besides, it has a shoulder strap that distributes weight evenly across the shoulders, making it easy to carry heavy weights easily.


  • Large capacity
  • Durable make
  • Comfortable straps
  • Nice lining
  • Beautiful bag


  • Not exactly as in the photo

Do you need a stylish handbag? Then this is your piece. Buying a handbag is overwhelming and can be stressful if you are not well-armed with any suggestions. Buying a handbag is not a walk in the park if you genuinely need a sophisticated handbag.

Also, nothing sounds bad like a need to repurchase an item which implies that your previous hard-earned cash was a total waste. To avoid all these inconveniences we got the best handbags for you.

The above-highlighted bag is among the best-designed handbags that you can purchase. It is very durable to avoid the need for repurchasing, saving you from any inconveniences. It is a sophisticated handbag for women that gives a classy and professional look.

It has excellent zippers for the security of all your items. The bottom part of this handbag is well-shaped for stability, thus reliable when attending meetings. Besides, it is very roomy to accommodate multiple of your items. The interior has a beautiful design with a very smooth texture.

Advantageously, the straps of this handbag are adjustable to avoid fatigue and staining of the shoulder. Conveniently, it has a shoulder drop length of 5." It is uniquely constructed using leather which is dust resistant to keep it clean all times. Also, the bag is washable and compatible for storage. This bag has double slip pockets to place your items for accessibility.

Additionally, this bag has many unique features that are very simple and convenient. Beyond any doubt, this is the bag that you should purchase as an ideal woman. The prices of this bag are easily affordable. I will discuss the pros and cons of this bag as evidence that you should have one in your closet.


  • It has an adjustable strap
  • The handbag is roomy for your phone and water bottle
  • Side pockets for car keys for easy accessibility
  • This bag has zippers for optimum privacy
  • 100% authentic and come with a tag


  • It is not roomy
  • This bag has a stiff feel

Women are uniquely created beings. They got a massive taste of fashion and always after the latest pretty things in the markets. It is a code that is acceptable in most communities and women are expected to be smart at all times.

Dress code ranger from your clothes to all your accessories such as jewellery and most importantly, the handbags. The handbag should be elegantly-manufactured with an attractive design. It should be a versatile handbag to perfectly-match the occasions

One of the best handbags to purchase as a woman is the Melissa zip leather crossbody handbag. It is an ingeniously designed bag that will perfectly match every occasion.

The Mellissa zip crossbody handbag making material is leather. Leather is a very durable material that prolongs the using period of this bag. Besides it conveniently withstands all tear and wears hence perfect for hiking and camping.

It has a top long-lasting zip for privacy and security of all items. Also, this bag is very spacious to accommodate all your items

Moreover, this bag has an elegant interior design. It has an interior pocket to separate sensitive items from the rest. The exterior slip pocket is essential for keeping your phone or car keys for easy access.

The carrying handle has a perfect thickness to avoid pain on your shoulder and well placed to carry your items conveniently. The most outstanding feature of this bag is the shoulder drop.

It has a shoulder drop of 22" and an adjustable crossbody strap. The interior material is very soft and robust to contain all the items without tearing.

Amazingly, this Melissa zip leather crossbody bag for women is very eye-appealing and attractive. It is available in different colors that conveniently blend with your dress code. It is a very long-lasting unique bag that you should purchase


  • It has adjustable straps
  • This bag has an inner fabric lining has a smooth texture
  • The interior part of this bag has a pocket
  • All the pockets of this bag have durable zips
  • The straps have an appropriate thickness


  • The bag is not spacious
  • Contains few pockets for different items

Buying a genuine handbag is nowadays proving to be too difficult. It is because of the multiple counterfeit handbags at your disposal. Worse, it is hard to get a bag that comfortably meets all your expectations.

A genuine handbag should be spacious. It should reliably contain all your items. Advisably, the bag should have different parts to store a variety of items. Division of the bags enables easy access to your items. Additionally, the bag should have zippers for privacy.

Luckily I got you one of the rare genuine bags. Coofit 3 pcs handbag is an elegant-constructed handbag for women. It meets a lot of expectations, such as durability and spacious. With this bag, you can conveniently carry multiple items comfortably.

The outstanding feature of this bag is its material. The material is very long-lasting. On top of that, it has an elegant shiny look and touch. This bag blends with all your wears. It comfortably gives you a classy and professional look

Remarkably, this coofit three pcs handbag has great craftsmanship. It has classic but simple design with a black color to match all your outfits. Uniquely, this bag gives a new look every time you carry it in a new way. You can use it as a shoulder bag, purse, work bag, and crossbody bag.

It is roomy enough to store your umbrella cell phone, camera and much more. This bag is made of sturdy and classy hardware always to keep it intact. The amazing women's handbag has an exquisite chain

The features of this bag are unique and professionally-constructed. It has a multiple of pockets to keep a variety of your items. Additionally, the bag is very spacious. The exterior design is just one beautiful thing. The interior has a perfect lining of all your items.


  • This women's handbag has a multiple of interior pockets
  • It is very spacious
  • The carrying handle is very durable and smooth
  • Long-lasting material and sturdy hardware
  • Durable zippers for maximum privacy


  • This handbag does not come with straps
  • It does not have side pockets

Are you looking forward to purchasing the best leather handbags? Here is a Coach Women's Crossgrain Leather Ava Tote. It is specifically meant for women. The bag provides good storage for women's personal items likes.

Since the bag is made up of pure leather, this provides good durability. You will use it to carry a variety of personal items without it being torn or even damaged.

This Coach Women's Crossgrain Leather Ava Tote handbag has a double handle. This makes it more convenient to be carried from one place to another with a lot of ease.

It has a firm zipper closure, and this ensures that all the stored items are well secured. Some may have lockable compartments which will specify your personal details to open.

Also, the zip pocket located at the back of the back provides more storage spaces. You cannot run out of storage space when having this Coach Women's Crossgrain Leather Ava Tote handbag.

The handbag has a strong and flat base, and this provides the ability to withstand at any place you keep the bag. You can easily leave it on the top of the table or even any other place.

This makes its storage very easy and convenient. Similarly, it is very light in weight to make it be convenient for travel in different places. 

Whenever, on the search for the best handbag, then Coach Women's Crossgrain Leather Ava Tote handbag becomes your favorite handbag you should opt for.


  • Leather materials offer a durable advantage
  • Double handle eases its portability
  • The zipper closure provides good security for the stored items
  • The bag is well supplied with several side pockets to provide good storage
  • The handbag is very light for easy portability from one place to another.


  • Leather materials are highly affected by temperature change
  • Leather materials tend to be more expensive

Marc Jacobs Recruit Hobo Bag is the kind of handbag you should always opt to purchase. 

It features nice material that makes it last for a long time. The leather material is very easy to clean. You only need to wipe it. This making Marc Jacobs Recruit Hobo Bag very easy to make it clean after it gets dirty. Moreover, this leather material handbag provides reliable portage. This will ensure you worry less about wearing out at your storage.

The bag has a double handle, with a shoulder handle too. All these handles make the bag easy to carry.

Is has a unique zipper system, and the zipper is robust enough to ensure maximum protection of the stored items. You will not regret purchasing this handbag since your items will be secure.

Besides, the zipper closure becomes much flexible; it easily closes and opens without any difficulties. Some of these zippers have extra pockets that provide more storage spaces for the handbag.


  • They are much flexible. 
  • Marc Jacobs Recruit Hobo Bag is more durable.
  • Improved handle for easy carriage.
  • Zippers provide security of your belonging
  • Handle also provide good hanging.


  • Not convenient to all women because it is too expensive
  • Made up leather which is highly affected by temperature change.

This is the most preferred handbag you need to consider for your comfort and storing personal items. It is made up of genuine leather. This provides it to become more durable.

The leather material provides storage of a large variety of items.  Once getting this handbag, you will get out of the regular purchase of a handbag.    

The bag has decent slide pockets, very decent ID holder among other pockets. This ensures your items are well kept and are safe. The pockets are well lockable with hidden magnetic closure.

Moreover, the zipping system in this bag is solid enough to ensure security for your items. Whenever you keep your items, be sure of your items safe.

It is strong enough to withstand the weight of the items kept inside. When you opt to acquire a handbag highly prefer ili New York 6333 Leather Shoulder Handbag with Side Organizer leather handbag.


  • Made of strong leather material. This ensures it more durable.
  • This leather handbag is eco- friendly. They are made from genuine leather hence no chemical included.
  • Easy to carry. Since the bag is weightless, this makes the owner carry it easily.
  • The zipping system ensures the security of the stored items
  • The bag is available in different colors. You can easily choose your favorite color.


  • The bag is a bit expensive. It is hardly affordable by a good number of women.
  • The leather wears out as time goes

Things to Consider

What is the occasion? For what reason do you need a handbag or a purse? Sometimes the occasion can help you choose the right handbag. For instance, if you need a handbag for a party, you need to find one whose design and style goes well with the theme of the party.

There are best women's handbags for parties, traveling, work, or just for carrying stuff. Here are some of the things or qualities to look for when choosing cheap handbags for women.

Types of handbags

There are various types of handbags, with each type having at least one or two characteristics that make it stand out from other types. Your choice of type may depend on various factors such as style, outfit, or just something as simple as price.

Some of the most common handbag types include tote bags, shoppers, clutches, evening bags, hobo bags, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, and satchels. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses that that may not share with other types.

Through thorough analysis, you can determine the best type for your needs. Compare them to see how they perform against each other and against the qualities that you have identified as the most important.


Material is an important characteristic in a bag, and every user should understand its importance in choosing the best handbags. Before you buy yourself a handbag, check the material from which it is made.

Best ladies purses and handbags are made from high-quality materials, though materials may differ from bag to bag. Some of the most common materials include leather and fabric. Leather is used in different forms and is commonly used in making high-quality bags.

Leather is both stylish and attractive. You can also get the best women bags made from lighter synthetic. The material used to make it can also determine its degree of durability.

Ease of Cleaning and Storage

Before you buy a handbag or a purse, you need to understand as many details about it as possible. For instance, you can choose a handbag based on how easy it is to clean. There are many ways to clean a women's handbag, ranging from wiping to washing. The material also plays a great role here too. Some materials are easy to clean than others.

Some bags do not need to clean regularly and can go for days without the need to wash or even wipe. However, some need constant grooming and proper storage to help them look more attractive and to elongate their lifespan. How well you store your bag can influence its durability or how long it will serve you.

Color and Decoration

These bags come in a variety of colors. There is no limit to the colors that you can find your bags in. They also come in many different types of decorations from which you can find the one that best serves your interest and needs.

Most people have their favorite colors, and sometimes this can determine the color of handbag they pick or purchase. Also, you can choose a color that best matches an outfit. Regardless of your reason for choosing a handbag of a particular color, you should make sure the color quality is good.


Handbags can be used to carry different items. The common items that women often carry in purses and bags include grooming accessories such as makeup brushes. They also carry cards, lipsticks, and cash, among other items. The amount of items that can be carried in a single trip partly depends on the size of the handbag.

These products come in different shapes and sizes, and you can always find the one that is convenient and handy enough to serve your need for a handbag. Size also determines the type of occasion the handbag can be used in. Similarly, users of tent choose bag sized based on their preferences. One way to determine if it is the right size is by checking if it can fit all the items that you usually travel with.


What price are you willing to pay for a new handbag? If you are not so good with designer handbags, you may not know if a bag is overpriced or underpriced. In most cases, price is proportionate to quality. You should pay for the handbag only after you have verified that the quality is worth the quoted price.

But to begin with, you need to create a budget within which the price should fall. Adhering to your budget can be a great way to avoid overspending. Price may range not only with quality but also with size, purpose, or even with style. The bottom line for choosing the right priced handbag is choosing a product that is neither too cheap nor too expensive.


A handbag can possess a contemporary design or it can have a traditional look. Vintage is also a common design here. Whichever impresses you or appeals to your eye should be the one you choose. It is every woman's wish to select a purse or handbag that they will enjoy using. And that they can be proud of no matter how long they use it.

If you are well informed on matters concerning fashion and trends, you would know how well design can influence your appearance. You need to understand all the designs that are there on the market. This would help you pick the most suitable one for you.


The purpose for which you need a handbag may vary. Different handbags are designed to serve different purposes. In other words, a handbag may be more suited for a particular purpose more than others. It depends on whether you need to carry little accessories such as makeup items handkerchief and keys.

Or if you need to carry more bulky items such as laptops or beach towels and sheets. On the other hand, you may need a handbag to match your outfit. Whatever the purpose may be, you can always find the best purse for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best brand for ladies handbags?

A: Michael Kors is one of the leading brands in the women handbag market and is known to produce innovatively designed products of various kinds. There are lots of amazing brands out there, but Michael Kors is at the top of the list if we may say so. This is one of the industry's leading brands.

Q: What are the most popular handbag brands?

A: Some of the most popular handbag brands include Michael Kors and the Heshe. Other common brands include Kate Spade, Coofit Deluxe, and JOYSON.

Q: How do I choose a good purse?

A: You can choose a good purse based on size, quality, space, and style. You can also choose a purse that is durable or that complements your outfit well.

Q: Which material is best for handbags?

A: Most good handbags are made of high-quality leather. They use synthetic fabric to make handbags and purses to make them lightweight and durable.

Q: What material is used for handbags?

A: There are various materials from which handbags can be made from, but leather is the most common among the high-quality models.

Leather has always been used to make the top quality handbags since it is durable and stands out. It is excellent for creating stylish purses and handbags.

Q: What kind of leather is used for handbags?

A: The manufactures often use synthetic fabric to make handbags and purses that are not only durable but also lightweight and stylish. It is the most preferred material. Leather can be used in various forms, including cowhide.

Final Verdict

This guide should be helpful to all sorts of aspiring handbag owners out there. It contains detailed information and importance of some of the industry's leading handbags and purses. It can, therefore, help you find the most appropriate product for you.

The things to consider section can help you use the most important aspects of a handbag to choose the one that most meets your unique needs. Whether you need the best women's purses for carrying your accessories to the beach.

Or just a simple handbag for a party, you can get it at a cost, which will vary with the quality or size of the bag. The above mentioned and reviewed products are not only some of the most popular handbags but also comes from the best handbag brands.

From this list, you can find the best affordable handbags that go well with your taste and still serve the purpose for which it is intended. All these bags are from the best handbags brands.

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